Dear in Christ,

Greeting in the name of Lord Jesus Christ

 I take this opportunity to introduce my self I am Pastor S.S.Samuel ( Victorious Bethel Church, Chennai)

Since 1989 I am doing Lord Jesus Christ  ministry in St.Thomas Mount where one of the disciple of Jesus Christ Saint Thomas has given up his self in this place. At this time I would like to share few words about my testimony: I have born and bought up from a very strict Hindu family my name was Munuswamy and I am the only son for my parents who where  involved in Hindu religion formalities with  high responsibilities n our village and they   do some magic by that  religion power and spirit, still there is no good relationship between my mom and dad and there is no peace in our family.

 On those days I lived my life as my wish with lot of bad  habit and there is no growth and development in my life. So I decided to give up my self and I planned to suicide , when I was on my way to get suicide a pastor met me and he gave the gospel of God Jesus Christ. 

Then day by day  that Pastor became a very good friend for me. I started realizing how god is good to me and I understood god loves me and given his self for my sins and crucified on the cross. From that day I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior in my life. 

Till date I follow him and I submitted my life to Jesus by doing his ministry by preaching his gospel and doing some social works in the local. Then I completed my Graduate in Bible Studies and started a Church (Victorious Bethel Church)  in Chennai till date God is with me at all the time. im doing ministry for past 28 years in Chennai.

The Church

To transform the people of India by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and helping them cto understand the purpose of their creation and the possibility of restoration based on God’s word through Health awareness,  education, training, teaching moral and religious values of life in our own time.